5 Peaks Distributors (Western Canada) Inc.
4883 Chiles Industrial LK
Red Deer, Alberta
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The 5 Peaks Advantage

While designing their portable toilet, 5 Peaks Technologies engaged focus groups from all aspects of the industry including users and operators. The goal was obviously to build a superior facility by addressing the concerns of the focus groups. The following is a short list of improvements (not necessarily in order of importance):

Eliminate Metal Door Frame: metal door frames bend and are expensive to repair.

Vent Screens: 5 Peaks vent screens are molded in

Door Springs: 5 Peaks door springs are integrated into the door hinge making them maintenance free; exposed door springs have been eliminated.

T-Moldings: made from non-brittle plastic, they do not crack or shatter; corners are bumper like and there are no exposed rivets.

Door Handle: large custom formed door handle make the door easier to open.

Hover Handle: strategically located on the inside of the door for balance assistance.

Deep Sump Tank: drop sump design to reduce peaking and helps eliminate odour, and also to maximizes chemical efficiency.

Oval Urinal: reduces slash.

Poly Skid with non-skid floor: skid is light with molded handles and stake down holes; it does not absorb water becoming saturated and heavy.


Standard Features

Decal area
Gender sign
Coat hook
Occupancy indicator
Large mirror
Exterior door hasp
3 roll paper holder with lock
Tallest unit on the market
Largest cabana

Handicap Units

60’ turning radius

Transfer Mechanism

Hand rail

Door opening specifications

Pneumatic spring