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How Many Restrooms Do I Require?

The use of outdoor privies is regulated under the Alberta Health Act, Regulation 243/2003. The regulation has instructions as to location, maintenance and number of privies required at public events, but below you will find their guideline for determining how many you need(Click to view Regulations)

In reality, restroom facilities at events are a very important determinant in evaluating the success of the event. Our customers naturally want to keep costs down by ordering less toilets.
We always suggest more for two reasons:
1. It's cheaper in the long run.
2. It simply makes them more pleasurable to use.

If the restroom facilities are disgusting it is normally because organizers, working diligently but with limited budgets, have difficulty allocating funds for both more toilets and added service.

Our response: do you remember the joke about which part of the body is the boss of the body?

Of course we make every attempt to work within budgets to provide the best service we can, especially the non-profit groups. Nevertheless, the more toilets provided, the less demand on each. As a result, servicing is made easier, less expensive, and more effective. This applies to construction sites, or wherever. Remember happy workers are more productive workers.


These guidelines are based on Alberta Legislation and may not be applicable elsewhere.
Number of of each sex Minimum Number of Temporary Outdoor Privies
1-25 1 1
2-50 1 2
51-75 2 3
76-100 2 4
101-150 3 5
151-200 4 6
201-300 5 7
301-400 6 8
Over 400 7 plus 1 for each
additional 200
9 plus 1 for each
additional 150

For more information on determining how many restrooms you need, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
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